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About ABC

We are an independent agency that brings over twenty years of experience in the industry. We are commited to providing insurance professionalism to help clients find the best insurance deals with the coverage they need without hassle through our experience and quality service.

Our History

Since 1995, ABC insurance has delivered quality insurance solutions to clients all across the western United States. We focus on bringing customized client attention and personalized attention, something we are sure you will notice when you call us.

Team Specialties 

Language Capabilities


Our team wants to work for you in the language you are most comfortable in; our team speaks Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, and French.

Insurance Industry Professionals


We are staffed with licensed professionals who have the expertise to answer your queries, or help find the solution you need. 

Independent and Proud


We work as agents for our clients not any insurance company - as an independent agency, we work with your best interests in mind so you are exposed to the best selection of insurance products without the hassle.

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